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Insights – Technology during Covid

In a world shaken, we are still fighting against the unrelenting threat of covid-19, with the hope that increased numbers of vaccinations will provide a pathway back to normality in late 2021. After nearly a year of restrictions, confusion, and apprehension, one thing is for sure, the post covid-19 world will never be the same.


Innovation, creativity, and adaptability has been at the centre of progress made during Covid-19. Whether that be in the field of medicine, and the unprecedented speed of which data sharing and collaborative working was employed to find a vaccine, or within technology employed and adapted to support individual and businesses comply with covid-19 restrictions and digitally transform.

We are more conscious than ever about the way in which virus and infection can spread, meaning that awareness around cleanliness, avoidance of surfaces others has touched without due regard, and adopting a culture of isolating ourselves when ill for the benefit of others is at the forefront of our minds.

With this in mind, a rise in innovative technology has been seen and will continue to grow. With many people also now working from home due to restrictions, and 52% of UK employees enjoying a better work-life balance as a result, whilst  businesses have also began to realise that this method of working may improve their business model too, the future of work may be about to change forever.

With this change, a rise in collaboration tools and video conferencing platforms is expected to continue to rise.

The next generation

Following a tumultuous year including Covid-19 and Brexit, it is easy to focus on the negative impact. However, as Albert Einstein said, “In the middle of difficulty, lies great opportunity”. With a digital skills gap in the UK currently, and with the expected demand increase for technological and remote innovations, this could be the perfect time to begin an apprenticeship in an industry that is expected to continue to grow.

Whether your interests lie in software development, cyber security, networking or data/business analytics, or more creatively within digital marketing realms, you could help make an impact both today and in the future.

So, are you going to turn today’s difficulty into a great opportunity?

Lee Dale


About Estio

Estio is a leading apprenticeship training provider, specialising in digital and IT skills development. With over 1,000 apprentices in learning, we partner with some of the UK’s biggest employers, delivering level 3 and level 4 apprenticeships across networks and infrastructure, software development, cyber security, data and business analysis and digital marketing.

To find out more, visit or call 01133 500 333.

Amy Smith

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