Digital Support Technician Apprenticeship

Future proof your business’ digital growth strategy with a strong skills pipeline of digital systems support. Our Level 3 Digital Support Technician apprenticeship lets you maximise the effective use of digital office technologies, productivity software and digital communications in your organisation, whether that’s for your internal workforce or external customers. Pathways include digital applications technician and digital service technician, with further progression on to our Level 4 Application Support Lead apprenticeship. Start putting the fundamental skills in place today with our Level 3 Digital Support Technician apprenticeship.

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Skills gained with a digital support technician apprenticeship

A qualified Level 3 digital support technician can:

  • Provide proficiency across a variety of digital systems.
  • Support a range of software needs across digital systems and applications.
  • Time manage and prioritise helpdesk tickets.
  • Problem solves issues with software, so productivity remains.
  • Coach through customer service to teach stakeholders and employees how to make the most effective use of digital systems and applications.

Key information

Online teaching, coaching and workplace development
Study modes
13 months plus assessment
Qualifications Achieved
Level 3 Digital Support Technician

Benefits of a digital support technician apprenticeship

For employers

An apprentice digital support technician will:

  • Help your business maximise productivity across business functions through digital operations and digital change projects.
  • Adopt an omni-channel approach to reduce time and costs within your business.
  • Build and adapt digital architecture that offers a seamless help-desk service to your employees, customers, and clients.
  • Develop a solid foundational knowledge base that is applicable across higher level software apprenticeship progression pathways. Building the software skills within your business to an optimum.
  • Prioritise skills gaps in your digital support function to enable future development of specialist digital support technicains based on business need.
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For learners

Digital support technician apprentices will:

  • Perform risk assessments of digital systems.
  • Incorporate different applications across business functions.
  • Facilitate techniques and strategies that provide accuracy when working with data in digital systems and applications.
  • Protect and secure data across the design, implementation, and support processes of all digital systems and applications.
  • Identify, plan, and escalate change management activities to stakeholders.
  • Earn while they learn.
  • Learn in a flexible environment.
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Knowledge Gained

A qualified digital support technician will be confident in the fundamentals of digital systems, offering customers, clients and employees support through help desk operations and functions. They will also be able to communicate to stakeholders about changes to change management and support them with their additional needs. Digital support technicians are both articulate and precise in the administration of digital systems and services, ensuring system security is at the forefront of every operation and function.

Programme Modules
Entry requirements
Programme Modules

Programme Modules

  • Fundamentals of digital systems
  • Teamwork and communications
  • Working in digital support
  • Principles of helpdesks and user support
  • Helpdesk operations and functions
  • Administration of digital systems and services
  • Introduction to system security
  • Data operations and security
  • Maintaining digital systems and services
  • Change management
  • User and stakeholder training
  • Continuous improvement of support
  • Pathways and career progression


Each apprenticeship course has a standard set of competencies – Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours – that are focused on throughout the programme. The Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours are evaluated through the End-Point Assessment (EPA), which is completed in the last month of the apprenticeship. The EPA is conducted by an external assessor, and will include the following elements that need to be completed in order to finish the apprenticeship.

  1. A portfolio
  2. A professional discussion
  3. A workplace observation
Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements may vary depending on the requirements of the employer. Usually, a minimum of 5 GCSEs with grades 9 to 4 (A* to C), including English and Maths, will be required. Apprentices that don’t have GCSE English and maths at the required level will have to undertake mandatory Functional Skills as part of the apprenticeship course to achieve Level 2 prior to the End-Point Assessment.



This apprenticeship programme costs £13,000, all covered through the Apprenticeship Levy. Even if your business doesn’t pay into the Levy, the government funds 95% of all apprenticeship training, with your business only paying 5%.

Why choose our digital support technician apprenticeship?

Estio is a leading provider of digital and technology apprenticeship programmes, offering a comprehensive apprenticeship course informed by industry expertise, and delivered remotely to ensure enough flexibility for your apprentice’s needs to be suited.

Over 96% of our software apprentices pass first time with over 20% achieving a distinction. Our team of software trainers have over 30 years combined experience in industry with first-hand experience of software development in a commercial capacity. Across the team they hold a wide range of recognised certifications from Microsoft, CompTIA and BCS and have specialist expertise in:

Web Development (HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP and JavaScript)
Programming (Java, C#, Ruby, Go, Swift, VB, Haskell)
User Interface Design
Application development in MVC Framework
Systems Development
Database Management (MySQL, T-SQL, PL/SQL)
Infrastructure (Networking, Architecture, Virtualisation)
E-Learning Platforms (Canvas, Blackboard, Frog, Moodle)
Mathematics Software (Maxima, Mathcad, Minitab)
Mathematics (Pure and Mechanics)
Information Security (ISO 27001 ISMS)

What does a digital support technician apprentice do?

A digital support technician apprentice maximises the effective use of digital office technologies, productivity software and digital communications. These will include collaborative technologies, and digital information systems.

Demand for people who can support and implement digital operations and digital change projects is growing. Businesses that rely on digital platforms for daily operations, or provide software as part of their overall service, need dedicated support from digital support technicians to ensure effective maintenance, management and optimisation.

A digital support technician apprentice can specialise in one of two areas. A digital applications technician helps their organisation and its internal users to maximise the use of digital technologies. A digital service technician supports external customers and clients through a wide variety of digital channels.

What is a digital support technician apprenticeship?

Digital support technician apprenticeships give learners the opportunity to develop new skills and gain qualifications as they earn. They will generally carry out tasks such as customer service through technical support, uncover technical issues, ensure a clear audit trail, analyse data using digital technologies, track system security processes, identify and plan change management activities and conduct basic software testing.

Job roles for digital support technician apprentices

  • Applications and On-line Service Executive
  • Data Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • Digital Applications Specialist
  • Digital Champion
  • Digital Coach
  • Digital Service Advisor
  • Digital Service Agent
  • Digital Service Support
  • Digital Support Professional
  • Digital Systems Operator
  • Digital Transformation Associate
  • ICT Support Analyst
  • IT Operations Technician
  • Operations Technical Specialist
  • Service Centre Operator
  • Technical Support Professional.

What our employers say

I would definitely recommend Estio as an IT apprenticeship provider. I have been particularly impressed with our account manager, who has shown a great deal of commitment to improve the learner experience. We are extremely pleased!

| Virgin Media

What our learners say

I couldn’t recommend Estio Training enough for their delightfully helpful, hands-on team, who made my journey in finding my next career venture feel like such a completely stress-free and pleasant experience.

| New Apprentice, Google Review

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