Employing An Apprentice

Hiring an apprentice can help your business to develop talent, improve productivity and future-proof your company’s workforce. Apprenticeships can be used to bridge the skills gap in your organisation – get an apprentice today, and create the workforce of tomorrow. For all the information you need, and to find out if employing an apprentice is right for you, read on to discover our employer guide to apprenticeships.

There’s power in upskilling

Why hire an apprentice?

There are many benefits to hiring apprenticeships for employers. If you choose to get an apprentice, they will help to meet the need for new talent and skills. Apprenticeships provide an important route into the workplace, and will give your employees invaluable skills that they can use to benefit your business in the long run. By deciding to recruit apprentice scheme students, you help to provide the next generation of workforce with critical experience and training.

What do apprentices do?

Apprentices learn job specific skills alongside study. When you get an apprentice, they will work with experienced staff to gain knowledge and practical skills, alongside earning a wage. Therefore, when you hire an apprentice, you gain a functioning member of staff – without the recruitment or training costs.

How to hire apprentices

Before employing an apprentice, figure out what kind of apprentice you need. Find an apprenticeship scheme for employers with a training provider you like the sound of, and advertise your vacancy to show that you have an apprentice required. The training provider may offer a recruitment service and can act as an apprentice finder, matching you with the ideal candidate so that you can interview them, before offering the role to your chosen candidate.

Rules around employing apprentices

There isn’t any maximum age, but apprentices must be 16 or over. They should be employed for a minimum of 30 hours per week (including their study time) with an apprentice required to also work toward a recognised apprenticeship standard or framework. When seeking an apprentice, ensure that potential candidates have the right to work in England, and will spend at least 50% of their working hours in England.

What will it cost us?

Apprenticeships for employers will mean having to pay the apprentice at least the National Minimum Wage for apprentices. Government funding can cover some of the cost of training and assessing an apprentice if you are based in England.

Why choose Estio?

Estio is a leading provider of digital and technology apprenticeship programmes, offering a comprehensive apprenticeship course informed by industry expertise, and delivered remotely to ensure enough flexibility for your apprentice’s needs to be suited. 

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Reasons to offer an apprenticeship scheme

Tackle skills gaps

Apprenticeships can be tailored to specific job roles, making them flexible to business needs.

Reward current employees

Apprenticeships aren’t just for new employees – as we like to say, there’s power in upskilling. Apprenticeships offer a great opportunity to increase current staff’s skills knowledge and confidence.

Create a motivated workforce

By employing an apprentice, you’ll provide greater value to your business than if you employed a graduate, who will have a range of soft skills but may lack the job-specific skills needed. Offering an apprenticeship to staff will increase loyalty, enthusiasm, and motivation, helping you to bring ambition, a fresh perspective and entrepreneurial spirit to your workplace.

Build a more diverse team

By using an apprentice matching service and finding an apprentice, you can bring fresh skills, experiences, and ideas to your workplace. Remember, there isn’t an upper age limit, so you may find a wealth of experience in your apprentice that could benefit your workplace infinitely.

Build practical skills

Apprentices can study internationally recognised qualifications at each stage of their apprenticeship, gaining practical training, professional standards, and essential business skills.

Save on training and recruitment costs

Apprenticeships are a cost-effective way to hire and train staff. Getting funding for training costs and apprenticeship recruiting is usually simpler than hiring a regular employee.

What our employers say

I would definitely recommend Estio as an IT apprenticeship provider. I have been particularly impressed with our account manager, who has shown a great deal of commitment to improve the learner experience. We are extremely pleased!

| Virgin Media

Estio developed a Data Technician programme to match our requirements for an Excel based programme. They’ve been very supportive in our growing needs and we look forward to continuing the partnership.

| University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

The partnership we have with Estio creates a seamless journey for our learners where we work alongside each other from recruitment to celebration stage. 100% of Estio apprentices have passed their EPA first time, with some now progressing onto the next level through Estio.

| Jet2

From the offset, Estio have demonstrated commitment, professionalism and expertise and it is a pleasure working with them. We’re confident that our colleagues enrolled with Estio have an invaluable learning experience and we look forward to the future as we continue to work with Estio to deliver apprenticeships in the digital space.

| Phoenix Group

Tips for success when onboarding your first apprentice

  • Set clear expectations
  • Be patient
  • Give feedback
  • Provide a mentor


How long does an apprenticeship last?

Apprenticeships must last for at least a year, but can last up to five years depending on the level you choose to study.

Do I have to pay for my apprentice’s training?

When employing an apprentice, you must pay their wages. There will be further support to cover the training offered.

Can I claim any financial incentives for taking on an apprentice?

There are a variety of different financial incentives available when taking on an apprentice. If you’re a small business, for example, you might be eligible for a £1,000 payment. Find out more about apprenticeship funding, here.

I’m ready to hire an apprentice. Where can I find one?

You can find apprenticeships through a number of different channels. Contact us today to find out more.


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