Level 7 Apprenticeships

Currently the highest level of apprenticeship you can achieve in the UK, Level 7 apprenticeships afford the opportunity to achieve a Master’s degree-level qualification whilst gaining practical, on-the-job experience.

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What is a Level 7 apprenticeship?

Alongside Level 6 apprenticeships, Level 7 apprenticeships are considered higher or degree apprenticeships. A Level 7 apprenticeship can also be known as a Master’s degree apprenticeship.

What kind of apprenticeships can you do at Level 7?

There are a wide variety of Master’s apprenticeship courses available. Here at Estio, we specialise in digital degree apprenticeships, and we offer a Data analyst apprenticeship at Level 7.

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What qualifications do I get?

When you finish your Level 7 apprenticeship, you’ll get an MSc apprenticeship qualification in your chosen course. You may also get additional qualifications alongside this, like a Master’s degree, or a qualification to the equivalent to this.

What is a Level 7 apprenticeship equivalent to?

Level 7 apprenticeships are equivalent to a Master’s degree. A Master’s degree apprenticeship is ideal for anyone looking to continue developing their skills.

Level 7 apprenticeships with Estio

Estio is a leading provider of digital and technology apprenticeship programmes, offering a comprehensive apprenticeship course informed by industry expertise, and delivered remotely to ensure enough flexibility for your apprentice’s needs to be suited. We offer apprenticeship Master’s to learners in a range of industries.

How do I apply for a Level 7 apprenticeship?

To become an apprentice at Level 7, apply for an apprenticeship with Estio. You will be asked to submit a CV and answer some questions, and then will be asked to go for an interview. View our level 7 apprenticeship jobs

Are Level 7 apprenticeships suitable for graduates?

Level 7 apprenticeships are a great option if you’ve recently graduated from university. They’ll give you experience working with an employer, but will also allow you to continue to academically challenge yourself by working towards your apprenticeship Master’s.

Can I do a Level 7 apprenticeship?

Entry requirements will vary depending on the employer and training provider that you apply through. There are, however, some basic requirements that most masters apprenticeships will require. You’ll usually need to have a minimum of a Level 4 qualification, which could include a Level 4 or 5 apprenticeship, or a Level 6 apprenticeship, or equivalent industry qualification. However, you might also be able to do the apprenticeship if you have relevant experience, or if you are retraining.

Are Level 7 apprenticeships difficult?

A Level 7 apprenticeship is difficult. Not only will you be working toward one of the highest levels of qualification you can achieve in the UK, but you’ll be working full time, too. However, if you have been successful in an application, it means your employer believes in you and knows you are capable of the role – and you’ll receive certification for your Master’s apprenticeship once you’ve completed it.

What our learners say

I couldn’t recommend Estio Training enough for their delightfully helpful, hands-on team, who made my journey in finding my next career venture feel like such a completely stress-free and pleasant experience.

| New Apprentice, Google Review

What our employers say

Estio were first class in their delivery and explanation of exploring apprenticeship options as a Cyber Security startup business. From the process to available funding, and most importantly ongoing support for our chosen candidates. We are 100% confident that when we look to expand, Estio will be our default partner of choice.

| Cyber Vigilance

The partnership we have with Estio creates a seamless journey for our learners where we work alongside each other from recruitment to celebration stage. 100% of Estio apprentices have passed their EPA first time, with some now progressing onto the next level through Estio.

| Jet2

Why should you do a Level 7 apprenticeship?

Studying for Level 7 apprenticeships will give you experience working with an employer, whilst allowing you to academically challenge yourself by working towards a qualification which is the equivalent to a Master’s level qualification.

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