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With so many ideas roaming around in both the real and online world, there’s a constant strive to be the best amongst the most avid. To stand strong you must bounce off people who bring innovation into a whole abundance of dynamic works. 21 Degrees Digital is a digital agency offering; digital marketing, social media, videography, design, events, and photography that does just that. The agency has seen a rocket in their performance from one key ingredient in their strategy, to tell you the secret, it all began by employing an apprentice.

Director of 21 Degrees Digital, Kyle Findley and his business partner Zac Evans, have kept the company operational for approximately 4 years. Over the past 4 years they’ve managed to create a team of 7 which has grown drastically since they employed their first member of the team, Rachel Scahill, former Digital Marketing apprentice at Estio and the current Marketing Assistant at 21 Degrees Digital.

“Apprenticeships give learners the potential ladder to continuously grow whilst growing the business”

From left to right: Zac Evans (Director), Demonet (Videographer), Rachel Scahill (Marketing Assistant) and Kyle Findley (Director)

Growing the team was something that Kyle was desperate to do, and the apprenticeship scheme was a way to do just that. Kyle says, “an apprenticeship gives learners the potential ladder to continuously grow whilst growing the business through all the skills that they learn in the training which they can then deliver to the company and clients.”

It was the training that stood out to Kyle because, together with Rachel’s background in design and marketing, the training encapsulated a range of aspects in digital marketing like the use of Google Analytics and social media. It was doing the training that Kyle says, “helped mould Rachel into the full package and 100% benefit the company”. So much so, that Kyle would say “she is seen as the ‘mum’ of the company as she’s able to oversee any element in the business to a degree” if he or Zac were not there.

Rachel started her apprenticeship journey after realising university wasn’t for her and she didn’t enjoy her course but still wanted a career in Marketing and PR. Estio reached out to Rachel telling her that they would take her on their Digital Marketing course, where she began to fulfil her Marketing and PR aspirations.

“I can’t pick a favourite part of my job”

When Rachel started her apprenticeship with Estio she was assigned her PMC (Progress Management Coordinator) and says, “the support and knowledge was invaluable”. After completing her apprenticeship, Rachel was successfully offered a permanent role at 21 Degrees Digital as a Marketing Assistant. Now realising her career aspirations, Rachel says, “I can’t pick a favourite part of my job because it’s so varied and that’s what makes it so enjoyable” which Kyle adds, “it’s Rachel having experience in all sectors that makes her very valuable to us.”

It’s value within a company that allows a business to prosper and in the words of Kyle, “I got value from Estio so anyone I recommend will have value too”. Rachel has also found value from Estio and says that “doing an apprenticeship with Estio is a brilliant option if you don’t want to go to university but still want to further your education.”

Priya Patel

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