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Why apprenticeships are a great future-proof strategy for your company

As of January 2017, the government have been pushing for 3 million new apprenticeship starts by the year 2020, a goal that isn’t so far out of sight. In 2016 there were just under 510,000 new apprenticeship starts alone, with an increase of just under 10,000 from the year before that.

However, although that’s an impressive amount of new apprenticeship starts it’s not enough for the government to reach their goal in time. The government realise this and have put an Apprenticeship Levy in place, which was instated in April 2017. The motivation behind the sudden demand for apprenticeships is perhaps a result of an ever growing skills gap in the UK.

Apprenticeships can help to close the skills gap, but how is this going to future proof your company?

To put it simply, Apprentices are the future of your company. They’re young, keen, have a willingness to learn and they’ll continue to learn as they progress up the apprenticeship ladder. Their confidence will grow with time and eventually they’ll become fully certified members of your team, cutting out the need to employ people further down the line. Taking on an apprentice has often been reported to decrease staff turnover, as apprentices grow within the company and become fully embedded in your culture. This will make them less likely to want to leave especially in comparison to graduates who often see entry level jobs as a means to gain experience and then move on.

With an apprentice, you acquire something unique – a blank canvas. You gain a member of staff who hasn’t worked in a similar role before but loves tech and has a passion to learn about it. With a new apprentice you can guide and teach them to do things your way – avoiding employing a person with bad industry habits. This will minimize mistakes in the workplace and keep your work ecosystem flowing.

If you’re interested in incorporating some new methods of working into your company, this is where Estio’s training comes into play. Our training staff boast some of the highest qualifications in the industry and our curriculums are constantly being assessed and updated, giving our apprentices the most up to date training possible.  Ultimately, apprenticeships are a great way to prepare your company for future technology that may become part of your business’s operating strategy.

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