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Preparing for an apprenticeship interview

Having interviewed many young people, Robyn France, experienced IT Apprenticeship recruiter at Estio Training provides some great tips on how to get preparing for an Apprenticeship Interview.

Preparing for an Apprenticeship Interview 3

After recently moving from the Talent Acquisition team into the Marketing department at Estio Training, I thought I’d give a little insight into what both training providers and companies look at when interviewing future Apprentices. Be sure to keep these tips in mind when applying for any apprenticeships or jobs.

Firstly, believe it when people say ‘you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression’. You could have the best knowledge and skills in the world but if you turn up in your trainers and Adidas tracksuit you’ve already dropped down someone’s estimations… It’s a professional interview – put on a shirt, tie and trousers with some smart shoes and make sure you check a mirror before leaving the house. You want to look presentable so it’s probably best to do your hair and avoid looking like you’ve been dragged through a bush.

Remember, it’s nice to be nice and there is nothing better than people who are friendly and polite, so make sure you ask how the interviewer is when you introduce yourself. Be confident. I know in some cases confidence can be an issue for some people, you may be naturally quite shy and don’t really know how to blow your own trumpet but you need to expand on any answers you give and avoid one word answers such as “yes” or “no”. You’ve been asked for an interview because they see your potential – don’t waste an opportunity to show someone your abilities.

If you are feeling nervous before you Apprenticeship Interview, ask someone to go through some mock interview questions with you the night or morning before. Check back through your CV, if you are asked a question about your previous work experience or education they see on there, you need to know you can answer these with no hesitation.

Getting ready for an Apprenticeship Interview

Getting ready for an Apprenticeship Interview

Check you have planned your route to your apprenticeship interview, if it means doing a test run the week or day before to see how long it will take and to avoid getting lost on the day, do it! You want to give yourself plenty of time to get to an interview, accounting for any traffic you may hit and you want to aim to get to the company 5-10 minutes early.

Always make sure you have researched the company. Look on their website or ask someone who might know more to find out about what they do, what products they might sell and who they might work with. It can also be a benefit if you can research who it is you will be meeting for your interview. Make sure you look at the job description that you have applied for and relate any of the duties and responsibilities to things you might have already done or would like to do. Also be sure to prepare some questions for the end of the interview (avoiding the topic of wage or holidays)! Some good questions could about progression within the company or what the environment is like.

Lastly, be prepared. ‘Fail to prepare is preparing to fail’. Have your suit ironed and any questions you have thought of ready the night before along with your journey. If you are struggling with preparing for an interview, whether it be you can’t find any details on the company or your running late for any reason, remember communication is key. Ask people for help and be sure to keep in touch and let people know if there are any issues regarding your interview!

Good Luck 🙂

Robyn France

Amy Smith

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