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Looking after yourself during exams

As well as revising you also need to look after yourself. Your memory and revision will be affected by tiredness, irritation and stress, this is due to a lack of concentration. So for our second exam stress blog, here’s some tips on how to avoid stress and look after your brain and body during this period.

Keep hydrated – Keeping hydrated with sips of water every hour will help you concentrate and balance out your moods and emotions.

Brain food – Blueberries, beans, salmon or dark chocolate are extremely good for the brain, as they improve productivity and memory. (I guess dark chocolate being one of the options isn’t so bad.)

Sleep –Instead of going to bed at the right time to get 8 (roughly recommended) hours sleep go to bed an hour before, giving your brain and body time to adjust and fall asleep.

Winding down – For at least a couple of hours a night might time to relax maybe take a bath, read a book, go for a walk/exercise or relax with friends and family. Try and avoid using electronics at this time of night or you will compromise your chance of a good night’s sleep, due to the blue light in your electronics which stimulates the brain. Especially on nights in which you have an exam the following day.

Unnecessary stress – Try not cause yourself any added stress that isn’t needed, we fall out with our friends, family and partners all the time, but for the period of your exams try to avoid causing tension in relationships where possible.

Taking deep breaths – If you’re feeling anxious or stressed take deep breaths or count to 10: this triggers neurons in your brain, which tell you it’s time to relax therefore calms you down.

Hope we’ve managed to help you with at least one of our tips, good luck and do the best you can!

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Amy Smith

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