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It’s that time of year again, where UCAS applications are starting to be built, and the infamous personal statement needs perfecting before you send it off to various Universities. We’ve no doubt, your school or college are encouraging you to apply for university, and with good reason! A degree can bring you plenty of benefits. Unfortunately, these come at a real price, and too often students are leaving university with a qualification that came with a hefty price tag (often over £36,000 without factoring in maintenance fees and interest rates), and minimal work experience or connections within their chosen industry.

However, there is another option.

You could choose an IT apprenticeship and earn, on average, up to £30,000 over the course of three years. It seems like a no-brainer, why would you want to lose £36,000 that you’ll never even see when you can earn just under around £30,000 in less time than it would take to get into debt? There are many advantages to apprenticeships other than just the money, yet some people still don’t see their potential.

The opportunities that come with apprenticeships make them all the more worthwhile. That’s the main reason that people choose apprenticeships – the career ladder. Unlike university, apprenticeships offer learners the opportunity to learn while working in a full-time employment environment.

The result? Fully trained, highly skilled professionals as young as seventeen years old taking on a full time, professional job.

So you get a job and the money comes with it, that’s it?

Nope. We’re not done yet! While a university degree is widely accepted as one of the most prestigious accolades in education, we believe that the new wave of apprenticeships will shake things up. When you achieve an apprenticeship with Estio you receive an official certificate that marks your excellence in working in the professional environment. Most Estio apprenticeships are 12 months, so not only does this certificate show your one year work experience, additionally it validates your expertise in your chosen field.

Okay, cool… but what about after the first year of an apprenticeship?

Well, you have two options. You can take your qualifications and move on, or you can stay with us and progress to the next level of your apprenticeship. Presuming you start on a Level 3, you’ll progress to your Level 4 Apprenticeship. This is the most common route for apprentices to go down, our Level 4 courses enable learners to further their knowledge and expand their experience to new heights; it’s obvious why this is the most popular route.

But what about the social life that I can find at university?

Ah, here we are – the real reason most prefer the idea of university, the night life. Sure, one infamous factor in the university’s favour: the nightlife is reportedly amazing. You’ll meet people who want to spend their time at university going out and having a good time in abundance. These people unfortunately often haven’t used their 3 years wisely, and really struggle to find work at the other end.

However, there is no rule that says you can’t enjoy a night out just because you’re not at university (as long as you’re over the age of 18, obviously). Estio have training centres in Leeds, Manchester and London – all cities renowned for their excellent cultural activities, shopping experiences and hosts of very highly rated restaurants and bars. Of course, we recommend waiting till the weekend to enjoy what these cities have to offer, but by no means does not going to university have to mean your social life will suffer.

At training you’re equally likely to meet peers who share the same interests as you, and often work within similar industries. Often our apprentices feedback to us that they have met some excellent friends at training, and spend their free time meeting up with them. Apprenticeships can still offer the opportunity to travel to different cities, to experience their cultures, and to meet new people with similar interests.

So, just to recap, why should I do an apprenticeship over university?

  • Money – Earn and learn, not learn and loan.
  • Opportunities – Experience a wide range of career opportunities.
  • Experience – Get over a years worth of desirable experience in the work field you enjoy, without having to do unpaid work such as internships.
  • Learn – Learn from industry experts, further your knowledge, expand your potential and learn while you work in a full time environment.
  • Meet New People – Bond with new people who have the same attitude to work as you.

If you’d like to apply for an apprenticeship, visit our vacancies page here.
Alternatively, if you’re not ready to take the big leap just yet you can enquire on or call 01133 500 333.

Amy Smith

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