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How you can kick start a successful career with an apprenticeship (even during Covid-19)

2020 has been a hard year for us all. Many young people are now faced with the monumental challenge of navigating the uncharted waters of a post pandemic job market. The confidence of a lot of young people has been knocked, with many now feeling like landing their dream job is an impossibility.

The Prince’s Trust recently conducted a poll of 16 – 24 year olds where they found some shocking results, one of which being that 35% of those polled will have to give up on the idea of landing their dream job (1).

However, it’s not all doom and gloom, getting an apprenticeship would be a fantastic way to kick start a successful career and land the job of your dreams. Here is what an apprenticeship can offer you in today’s competitive job market.

An apprenticeship is a fantastic alternative to the traditional university path

With all of the uncertainty surrounding the traditional educational path of A levels and university due to Covid-19, you may be feeling that your dream career path is completely out of reach. However, an apprenticeship could help you get where you want to go in the current world.

While many people think that the traditional academic route is the best way to get into employment, we know that most employers now value experience over education. In fact, according to a study by, 69% of employers surveyed think that experience is the most valuable asset when recruiting new staff (2). The same study ranks qualifications as the fourth most important attribute while recruiting. Now that businesses are putting high value in both experience and education, on-the-job training offers the ideal path to demonstrate both.

Grow a strong network with an apprenticeship

With an apprenticeship you will be gaining valuable work experience alongside professionals in your chosen industry. You meet colleagues in senior positions that can help mentor you throughout your apprenticeship and beyond; building the skills and knowledge that you need. A mentor figure can also help you with your career and personal development, showing you first-hand how to reach your dream career and gain the vital soft skills you need to succeed in a business environment.

Growing your network is also a fantastic way to open doors and find new opportunities further on in your career. One of the key benefits of networking is that you will gain a rapport with your colleagues. If you show yourself to be a hardworking, driven, and talented member of the team, many people will remember that. And it’s often recommendations from colleagues that make the difference when successfully applying for a new role.

Many businesses are still hiring IT apprentices during Covid-19

You may think that an apprenticeship sounds great on paper, but the uncertainty of the current job market has limited the number of roles out there. At Estio we have seen that many businesses are still employing during Covid-19. In fact, we have had over 300 new starters during September and October alone.

It’s hardly surprising though considering the increased demand for IT and digital skills to help business adapt to things like remote working and creating a more digital-oriented customer experience. Not only are entire IT infrastructures and networks having to be enhanced, but new digital communications channels and cloud-based solutions are being introduced as businesses begin to realise that digital is the new way forward.

The government apprenticeship incentive scheme has also helped to increase the number of apprenticeship vacancies available. Now more than ever apprenticeships are looking attractive to employers of all sizes as they will be getting a much higher grant for employing an apprentice.

Start your dream IT Career with Estio Training

At Estio training we have a wide range of IT and technology apprenticeships available at both level 3 and 4. We deliberately only offer apprenticeships in digital and IT careers because we think our apprentices deserve to learn from the experts. Whether you’re just starting your career or are exploring new avenues, we believe everyone has the potential to be excellent. That’s why we strive to create it every day.

If you want to start a new exciting career in IT contact us today or take a look at some of our current vacancies.




Ryan Anspach

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