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Gurdeep Sur is May’s Learner of the Month

Our Learner of the Month for May is Gurdeep Sur, a Development Manager at Santander Operations, who is currently undertaking a Level 4 Data Analyst apprenticeship.

Gurdeep was nominated by our Data Analyst trainers who noted that Gurdeep often goes the extra mile with her training and has made huge improvements as she’s progressed through the programme. They also noted that Gurdeep showed great enthusiasm and tenacity during the training, while also taking the time to support her peers.

Gurdeep Sur at Santander House in Milton Keynes

Gurdeep at Santander House in Milton Keynes

Gurdeep is a Development Manager, responsible for 9 people within the Automation Data & Project Services team.

“I currently work in the field of Automation Data & Project Services, and in my previous role, I worked in Robotics, both of which involve a lot of data analysis. As a Development Manager, my primary role is leading the team and managing the customer requests; while I am very comfortable in leading these types of projects I also wanted to get more involved in the data analysis and build side of the projects to ensure full understanding of the e2e projects.

“I wanted to strengthen my knowledge and skills further in order to be able to deal with all aspects of project delivery. I felt that this apprenticeship would help me to achieve my objective, in having a greater understanding of the detail in the projects and skill in handling the data too, but also to be able to challenge when I am being presented with analysis from other people within the business.

“This apprenticeship has enabled me to improve my skills so that I can provide a higher quality service for my team and our customers.

“I have really appreciated the level of support that has been provided by Estio. The trainers have gone above and beyond for our training. Even after our training has finished, our trainer has pulled together a lot of new materials and tools to support us with preparing for exams and to further cement our knowledge.

“For me, working full time and embarking upon a course that has been quite challenging, having no prior experience in that level of data analysis was quite scary! I was uncertain of how successful I would be in meeting the objectives of the course given the fact that I am also working full-time. However, because our model of learning has been adapted to suit my lifestyle and work-life balance, I’ve been able to appreciate the course without having to compromise what’s important to me.

“From the offset of the course I have enhanced my existing Microsoft Excel skills and now have a much more thorough understanding of the capabilities, functionalities and tools within the software – for example, I can now build dashboards and perform detailed analysis. I’ve also learnt how to code as well! I can do SQL, which I couldn’t do before my apprenticeship, and I’ve also learnt R which allows me to perform more detailed analysis.

“I have enjoyed all the modules that have been on the course, even though I’ve found them to be very difficult to grasp initially. I would sometimes come out of training feeling like my mind has been overloaded, but my trainer would always reassure me that I would get it – and with repetition and further training I have even passed my Data Analysis Tools exam, which I found particularly difficult and challenging too!

“I would absolutely recommend the apprenticeship to a friend. The industry is changing massively, and I believe that in the future, data roles will require ever more specialist skills in data analysis. The combination of technical skills I am gaining, in addition to the functional skills that I already possess, is starting to put me in the strongest position I can to succeed in my career.”

We wish Gurdeep all the best with the remainder of her apprenticeship.

If you would like to nominate an Estio learner for our Learner of the Month award, please email with the following details:

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Amy Smith

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