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February’s Learner of the Month is Jonathan Edwards

The theme for this year’s National Apprenticeship Week is: Apprenticeships Work. So, this year we are bringing to you just a handful of success stories, showcasing exactly how well ‘Apprenticeships Work’ for us, for our clients and for our learners.

One particular success story we’d love to share with you is our Learner of the Month for February 2018, Jonathan Edwards. Jonathan works as a Product Manager at Asda Head Office in Leeds City Centre and studies as a Level 4 Web Development Apprentice.

Asda Head Office is dedicated to making Asda the biggest retailer in the UK with the smoothest buying system. Employees at Asda Head Office are tasked with creating Asda’s websites and general shopping experience smoother and more efficient.

Jonathan was nominated by one of our Trainers, who said “Johnathan is mature beyond his years and always arrives punctually, professionally and immaculately turned out to training sessions. He interacts well, answering questions fully and with a great deal of technical expertise and experience, drawing upon his work based knowledge, as well as earlier education. His presentation skills are absolutely outstanding; he is able to present sessions during classes, which are informative, well researched, and confidently delivered. He clearly has high standards and a great sense of pride in his achievements, coupled with his enthusiasm and sense of humour, I believe that Johnathan will succeed in anything he puts his mind to. It has been a real pleasure to help train Johnathan, he’s a credit to Asda, Estio and himself.”

We recently had a chat with Jonathan to catch up with him on his apprenticeship journey.

When asked how Jonathan’s apprenticeship relates to his job he said “Because I work with websites, it’s been really beneficial to learn the basics of HTML and CSS which enables me to understand more about the code involved with the websites I work with.”

In day to day life, Jonathan manages a backlog of functionalities and new opportunities for the business to start to address and improve the George site (a branch of Asda) for the customers.

Jonathan explained that he started looking for an apprenticeship when he was mid-way through sixth form. He explained, “I decided to look for a more practical way to get into work and an Apprenticeship was the best route.”

When asked why he thinks Apprenticeships Work, Jonathan replied: “It’s a much more practical route to a working environment. I’m right where I wanted to be when I started, I’m a lot better off than anyone else I know in my age in terms of career progression and salary. I feel like my apprenticeship gave me a massive boost in confidence and responsibility. In general, I think that apprenticeships best serve my style of learning and my personality, it’s allowed me to progress my career early and be at a fantastic position at twenty years old.”

Jonathan is a great example of someone who took their career into their own hands and made the switch to an apprenticeship. He felt like sixth form wasn’t for him and instead of sitting through something he didn’t enjoy, he joined Estio and kicked his career off with Asda, one of the largest employers in the UK.

When asked what his favourite part of his apprenticeship was, Jonathan said “My apprenticeship has provided me the opportunity to learn and earn from a young age; having now just turned twenty and being in a job that traditionally would require someone with more experience behind them, in the run up I have been able to prove myself and progress my career early. Inside of Walmart I am one of/possibly the youngest “C8” (band level) internally in the Walmart/Asda group employing over 2.5 million people in total across the companies and countries we trade in.”

We’re thrilled to hear that Jonathan is enjoying his apprenticeship, and that the apprenticeship route has enabled him to succeed and progress so rapidly.

If you’re an apprentice keen to succeed as Jonathan has, then get in touch today and email your CV to

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Amy Smith

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