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August’s Learner of the Month is Nathan Wren

Our Learner of the Month for August is Nathan Wren, an IT Apprentice at Aintree University Hospital, who has been embarking upon a Level 2 Informatics apprenticeship, delivered by Estio in partnership with the North West Skills Development Network. He is looking forward to starting his Level 3 Infrastructure Technician Standard through Estio in November.

Tom Daley and Nathan Wren at the Aintree Hospital

Nathan Wren (right) and his line manager Tom Daley (right) at Aintree University Hospital

Nathan was nominated by his Trainer and Skills Coach, Louise Colverson, who noted that Nathan consistently receives positive feedback from his manager and customers, is always an astute student when attending training, and was noted in the Aintree ‘Good Deed Feed’ by a manager for his work staying late to ensure that a laptop was up and running for the next day. Louise told us, “Nathan is an exceptional trainee. His passion, for everything he does, is refreshing and uplifting. He sees every challenge as an opportunity. He has become an integral part of the Service Desk support team at Aintree hospital. He is trustworthy, reliable and a role model for others working in business support. He works tirelessly, to ensure his colleagues have the support they need to carry out vital work.”

Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust provides general acute health care to 330,000 residents in North Merseyside and surrounding areas. It also works with partners to provide a range of services in community settings including rheumatology, ophthalmology and alcohol services.

Aintree is a teaching hospital of the University of Liverpool and a tertiary centre providing specialist services to around 1.5m residents in Merseyside, Cheshire, South Lancashire, North Wales and the Isle of Man. Tertiary services include Respiratory Medicine, Rheumatology, Maxillofacial and Liver Surgery, all of which have world-class reputations.

We caught up with Nathan to chat about how he has found his apprenticeship so far:

“I’ve always had an interest in IT, having grown up with IT, technology and gadgets I was the sort of kid that was playing on my xBox from the age of 5. When I started college I realised that actually learning theory without being able to translate my knowledge into a real-life scenario made it more difficult to learn. I wanted to get straight into work, so that I’d be able to gain the work experience, and additionally I’ve found that working alongside learning has made it a lot easier to retain the knowledge.

“Since starting my apprenticeship I’ve learnt so many technical skills, such as diagnosing issues with Computers, Printers and iPads and about Servers and Active Directory too. The most useful skill that I’ve learnt has been the diagnosis of problems – this is such an invaluable skill because it informs me how to approach and tackle any IT issues.

“The most challenging module that I’ve had at whilst training at Estio has been the Microsoft Access module. It was something that I’d used a lot less than Outlook and Word, but it’s been very valuable to learn.

“I’ve felt really supported during my apprenticeship by my Line Manager who is always on hand to help. I also feel that my Trainer and Skills Coach at Estio has been so supportive in helping me to choose to progress on to my Level 3.

“In the future I’d really like to keep pursuing a career in IT, and possibly learn some Software Development skills as well.

“I’ve really enjoyed my apprenticeship, coming in to training is a nice break from the routine but I also love my job and the flexibility that I have in my role!”

Nathan’s line manager, Tom Daley, commented, “We’re really proud of Nathan and his achievements at Aintree. He’s progressed a lot since starting work with us, and we are glad that he will be staying with us during his Level 3.

“We integrate our apprentices into IT by giving a real insight into the core day-to-day running of an enterprise IT support team. The benefit of taking on an apprentice is that this is an ideal way to start from scratch and build a member of staff up, teaching them and helping them strive to acquire invaluable knowledge.

“For apprentices like Nathan, who have been performing well in their role, an apprenticeship ensures you have a good foot in the door for when then apprenticeship ends and it’s time to start a in a more senior role. The career opportunities in the NHS are fantastic, and an apprenticeship is an ideal stepping stone into the start of a long and happy career here.”

We’ve loved hearing all about Nathan’s success in his career, and wish him good luck with his Level 3 in Novemeber!


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Amy Smith

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