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9 tips to help you revise

How to study:

To help you this exam season we’ve researched some of the best ways to help you study and stay focused when revising at home.

Create a study time table – This will help you manage your time to suit your exam schedule, also it will stop you from getting distracted as it’s written in front of you.

Study goals – Give yourself realistic study goals to meet, as when you reach them it will help to boost your confidence and increase your motivation to keep revising

Create mental associations – Create a mind map with colour coded areas to help you visualise in an exam the different colours and areas.

Turn your phone off –Put it in another room or put it with a family member, this will stop the temptation to look and get distracted from the task at hand.

Treats – Treat yourself after a certain length of time studying, if you do mini tests and get all the answers correct. This could be checking your phone or having some chocolate.

Flashcards – Create flash cards to help you think quickly in a timed exam.

Breaks – Take regular 10 minute breaks to prevent you from feeling overloaded and stressed if you aren’t remembering information.

Teaching – Try and teach a friend or family member what you have learned. This will help you retain information and remember all the details needed to get full marks.

If any of these tips have helped you that’s great! Keep trying hard and do the best you can in your exams. Good Luck!

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Amy Smith

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