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5 ways apprentices can help your business grow

Britain’s economy may be gradually gathering momentum again, but businesses are still struggling to grow. The shortage of skills seems to be one of the bigger issues affecting the development of a business. The downfall at this moment in time is the lack of knowledge of how helpful and productive Apprentices actually are!

Apprentices can help build new foundations and help to deliver fresh, new ideas to help a business grow and develop in the right direction. There are numerous advantages from bringing eager new people into an organisation and Apprenticeships now cover more skills and industries than ever before.

In the United Kingdom alone, Apprenticeships have soared in the past year with over 500,000 young individuals embarking on them 2015/2016. There has never been a better time to take on an Apprentice.

  1. Increased productivity

Apprentices bring fresh, young ideas to a business. In fact, 72% of companies reported improved productivity once taking on an Apprentice, according to NAS*. The average Apprenticeship increases business productivity by £214 per week by the end of an Apprenticeship through increased profits, lower prices and enhanced products.

  1. Fresh ideas and enthusiasm

Bringing in Apprentices means they will be doing on-the-job training alongside existing staff, as well as external training with a learning provider such as Estio Training. This arrangement can bring fresh ideas and innovation to businesses; bringing up-to-date social and technological trends, which busy companies may struggle to keep pace with, to bringing new ways of thinking into the workplace and motivating other members of staff to help a business move forward.

The successful development of an Apprentice will also mean they can be entered into awards and competitions that can help put your business on the map.

  1. Loyalty

Employers that haven’t experienced offering Apprenticeships before are understandably cautious about bringing in relatively inexperienced young employees to their business, but through the structure of an Apprenticeship, the employer has the opportunity to develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce. The majority of apprentices (67%) stay with the same employer after completion of their Apprenticeship.

  1. Grants and financial support

Businesses with less than 1000 employees can apply for the Apprenticeship grant of £1,500. So far more than 47,000 young people have been able to begin an Apprenticeship thanks to this grant.

  1. Availability

Apprenticeship vacancies have increased at a record rate, with up to 20,000 available at any one time. There is an average of 11 applications for every Apprenticeship vacancy currently in the UK. There are so many young, driven Individuals out there to choose from, talented people waiting to be discovered and to be given a career changing opportunity by someone like you.

Why not take on an Apprentice today with Estio Training? Or apply to be an Apprentice yourself!

*NAS – National Apprenticeship Service

Stats on Employers views of Apprentices

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