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10 Top Tips for getting the most out of your apprentice

Estio_83If your business has never taken on an Apprentice before, it might be daunting to know where to start. Employing a young person as an Apprentice is a great way to build new skills, increase staff motivation and grow your own workforce. However, the world of work is a different place to school or college and there are lots of top tips to make it work for you and them.

Written by Drew Johntson – Client Engagement Manager at Estio Training

  1. Create a welcoming environment: The first day is very important so be prepared and make sure everyone provides a warm welcome to your Apprentice. This will help alleviate first day nerves and put your Apprentice at ease.
  2. Set-up a Mentor : School leavers work well with ‘work place friends/mentors.’ A number of schools have already adopted similar schemes so they are very familiar with the concept. It also gives them a great chance to gain advice, meet new people and bring a fresh perspective to any issues encountered in the workplace.
  3. Set clear goals & objectives: Make it clear what you expect of your Apprentice. You may know what you want from them, but unless it’s made clear, it is very unlikely they will guess what is expected of them.
  4. Provide effective supervision: Some apprentices may find it hard to ask for help, so make sure you’re approachable and have the time to guide them appropriately.
  5. Monitor progress: Track their skills, knowledge and ambition from the beginning of the apprenticeship through to completion. Track any correlations and offer further advice or training where necessary.
  6. Be an effective communicator: Have an open ear and be a good communicator. Take the time to not only talk with your apprentices but be a good listener too!
  7. Open up opportunity: An apprenticeship should give a person a range of skills and insight into not just their own job and department, but also an understanding of the entire business. Link up with other departments to give your apprentice a fuller understanding of your business, it will really help them understand the processes and will help them develop fresh ideas.
  8. Practice what you preach: Set a good example, and don’t tell your apprentice to do something that you would not do yourself!
  9. Developing your apprentice: An apprentice isn’t just for the apprenticeship. At the end of the programme you and your apprentice should have a good understanding of where their skills lie and where they want to develop their career. Offer them opportunity within your organisation. Research has often shown that apprentices remain one of the most loyal members of your workforce.
  10. Learn from the experience: Once you’ve been through the apprenticeship programme, think about what you’ve learnt from the experience and refine your apprenticeships to offer an even better opportunity for your new recruits.

Apprenticeships are increasingly becoming an integral part of many business’ recruitment strategy. An Estio Apprenticeship offers a cost effective way to address current and future skills gaps in your business. You may also be eligible to receive an apprenticeship grant or government funding.

Drew Johnston - Estio Training

Drew Johnston – Estio Training

For more information on taking on an Apprentice please contact Drew Johnston -Client Engagement Manager at Estio Training


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